Securing your privacy is our main objective

High-end product, for all those who need to keep their privacy safe, or more simply for those who are aware of the value of their private data

Physical protection against manipulation

Physical protection against manipulation

PIN protection

Allows PIN entry in public without the risk of being observed

Security Chip

Titan M2

Automatic power-off option

Allows the device to turn off automatically after a predefined period of inactivity

Zero-Day Spyware and Exploit Protection

The GrapheneOs system is significantly strengthened to meet security challenges,

Protection from spyware and zero-day attacks


Installed operating system Android 13

Tutte le app operano in modalità sandbox

Chyber Phone

The CyberPhone offers security, privacy, and ease of use by leveraging modern hardware technology. With software updates guaranteed until 2027, users can count on sustainability and affordability. Based on the reliable Google Pixel hardware and GrapheneOS, known as the world’s most secure mobile operating system, the CyberPhone ensures full control of your device, eliminating dependence on Google and Apple.

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In addition, you can choose to remove microphones, sensors, and cameras when ordering, making environmental surveillance impossible. Calls can be made through the use of an optional headset. Edward Snowden, known for his revelations about the NSA, recommends using GrapheneOS as the primary operating system and suggests removing microphones for maximum security. Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, calls this device a superior choice to the Blackphone and similar competitors.

Physical protection from manipulation

Advanced encryption and the Titan M2 security chip offer defense against the most sophisticated physical attacks. The verified boot process ensures the integrity of the operating system.

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The device features an automatic shutdown after a preset period of inactivity, ensuring security in case of loss or theft.PIN layout encryption allows for worry-free entry, or a built-in fingerprint sensor can be used. The CyberPhone is delivered in a sealed package to ensure product integrity.

Spyware and Exploit Protection Zero-Day

The GrapheneOs system is significantly beefed up to meet security challenges, protecting stock apps, libraries, compiler toolchain, kernel, and filesystem access.

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All apps are confined in a sandbox to protect them from malicious and exploitable apps. The browser, PDF viewer and WebView are enhanced to ensure maximum security. Security updates will be rapidly rolled out through 2027. Protection from over-the-air exploits by isolating the baseband radio processor and using the LTE option significantly reduces the attack surface of cellular communications. In addition, it is possible to remove all microphones and some sensors on the motherboard to prevent,should the most sophisticated singers take root, those sensors from being used as auxiliary microphones, ensuring private conversations. However, it is possible to make calls with an external headset.

No Tracking, No Google

The device does not integrate cloud services or Google Play Services by default, giving the user total control. You can install the original Google Play services in a sandbox without special privileges, ensuring compatibility and security.

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Tracking protection prevents apps from accessing sensitive information such as IMEI, device and SIM serial numbers, subscriber ID, and MAC address. MAC address randomization prevents tracking from nearby WiFi scanners. A firewall provides granular control over the network and sensors, such as GPS, for each app. In addition, the device clearly indicates when the camera, microphone, and location are active.

User Friendly

The CyberPhone’s minimal and secure system avoids unnecessary software. The user has control over app selection and installation, and updates require confirmation.

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Automatic backups are end-to-end encrypted and can be stored on USB drives or cloud storage spaces.

Open Source, Attestation and Messaging

Open source allows verification of the lack of backdoors. Remote attestation relies on hardware to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the device software.

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It is recommended to use end-to-end encrypted messengers such as Signal for secure and privacy-friendly communications. Alternatively, you can run the Matrix protocol on your own server.

Secure Protocol

By using the cyberphone and a proper security protocol, we almost totally reduce any risk, ruling out environmental eavesdropping with certainty.

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The Cyberphone comes preconfigured with the safest and most recommended apps, which combined make this device among the safest at the ondosi recommend that you do not download any others but should you have the need risk-aware you can still install all the normal apps on the stores.

Who Should Consider the CyberPhone ?

The CyberPhone is ideal for those who want a privacy-friendly phone without depending on Google or Apple. “Exposed” people such as executives, VIPs, professionals with sensitive data to protect, companies and authorities who want to provide secure smartphones to their employees, journalists, activists and NGOs who need to protect themselves and their contacts more simply to those who are aware of the value of their private data.

When it comes to security more than ever we need to keep up with the times and continuous research and development in the field, device and app testing, lead us to constantly improve each product, providing timely updates and useful tips for all customers to follow.

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