Securing your privacy is our main objective

High-end product, for all those who need to keep their privacy safe, or more simply for those who are aware of the value of their private data



Securing your privacy is our main objective

Physical protection against manipulation

PIN protection

Allows PIN entry in public without the risk of being observed

Security Chip

Titan M2

Automatic power-off option

Allows the device to turn off automatically after a predefined period of inactivity

Verified boot ensures the integrity of the operating system, preventing unwanted changes.

Spyware protection and zero-day attacks


Installed Android 13 operating system

All the apps operate in sandbox mode

Browser, Webview and the Pdf Viewer

The browser, WebView and PDF viewer have been enhanced to provide greater protection.

Safety Updates

Security updates will be distributed rapidly until 2027, avoiding long waiting periods.

Over-the-Air Exploit Protection

It is ensured by isolating the baseband radio processor via IOMMU and the option of using only LTE, greatly reducing the radio attachment area.

Very high security requirements

For very high security requirements, all microphones and acceleration and rotation sensors can be removed to prevent them from being used as recording devices. Phone calls can still be made through an external headset.

Mac Address

In addition, randomization of the MAC ADDRESS prevents WiFi scanners from tracking the device.

Even more secure Cyber Phone

To make the Cyber Phone even more secure, it is recommended to use only encrypted messaging apps,such as Signal,Silent Phone and the similar ones.

No registration

No registration is needed,all apps can be downloaded totally anonymously.


One option to ensure an extremely secure configuration is to physically remove microphones, sensors, and cameras from the phone’s motherboard. Combined with the installation of pre-configured apps, this will provide a high level of security and privacy, making the Cyber Phone COMPLETELY IMMUNE to environmental eavesdropping.

Are you ready for a safer experience?